Our Projects

Cellular Network Provider

Bluestone Comtech Ltd can provide the Turnkey solutions for the supply, design, installation, and commissioning of receive and transmit antennas, on various platforms including iDirect VSAT platforms. We can in addition provide all ancillary facilities work (power, etc.).

All systems performed according to their specifications and the network is operating as per the link budgets calculated and provided to the client.

Internet Service Provider

Bluestone Comtech Ltd can provide the turnkey solutions, supply, installation, and commissioning of all antenna systems for any teleport including antennas ranging between 2.4 to 9 meter in diameter, all associated antenna control, RF equipment, and monitor and control system.

All antennas met the performance criteria set by the satellite operators. Bluestone Comtech Ltd contracted Engineers have successfully completed various projects to strategic partners on the African continent.

DTH Uplink/Downlinks for TV Broadcaster

Bluestone Comtech Ltd has partnered with a regional TV broadcaster to provide a full Turn-Key solution in the procurement, design and Installation of uplink and downlink terminals that will provide content aggregation or Direct-to-Home satellite TV reception from anywhere on the continent to their African or international client base.

We provide and tailor solutions in line with required specifications